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Christ Centered Health and all that it shares is protected under the Private Membership Legal Association.  We are a group of like minded individuals that choose to be free from the medical tyranny that has infiltrated the halls of our government agencies and legislature positions.  We are a private group that believes in doing no harm in the quest to walk in divine health.  We are free to share the truth about how we choose to control of our own health and the health of our families. 

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Since 1988, due to cancer in the family, I was inspired to learn how a friend of my family was "cured" of cancer.  I was in California at this time and with no internet and no library of knowledge about healing naturally, I was forced to travel to where the healing was taking place.  I have met doctors and the patients of the healed and everything I learned from them is contrary to what I had been taught my whole life about doctors, science, and health.  I had to choose to shake off fear, doubt and unbelief that was put on me by all of the lies of the antiChrist false medical science.  I had to choose to trust that God would lead me into TRUTH in matters of health too.  His wisdom is above the wisdom of the natural mind and so I sought HIM to know and understand what I was learning.  Satan exalted himself above God's Word.  This antiChrist science that controls America exalts itself above God too.

 I want all to KNOW that the more education I pursued, the MORE I KNEW THAT I KNEW NOTHING APART FROM CHRIST.  Knowledge puffs up, but God humbles the soul and ONLY IN HIM, Jesus Christ are ALL of the sources of all knowledge, wisdom and understanding. God commands us to acknowledge HIM in ALL of our ways.  We are commanded to study to show ourselves approved, to pursue the knowledge of HIM.  IN CHRIST is where all of the treasures of wisdom and knowledge are found.  Those who oppose God, are opposed by God.   God's Word says that if we make ourselves a friend of the world, we make ourselves an enemy of God.  GOD in His MANIFOLD WISDOM is the source of all wisdom, knowledge and UNDERSTANDING.  Apart from Him we can do NOTHING.  Man boasts of great things, but man's ways seem right to man, but are godless and the end is death and destruction.  God's Word is eternal and will stand forever.  

I am a perpetual student of God's Word because I do not know what I do not know.  Only through HIS WISDOM can I truly learn about HIS WAYS to walk in Divine Health. Though health is a promise of God, many do not experience health because they seek the wisdom of the ungodly antiCHRIST spirit of antiCHRIST sorcery/science.  The GODLESS medical system in this nation is antiChrist!!!!  God's ways are rejected in medical school, research, science and healing.  The pharmaceutical corporations which are owned by the satanic elite, has exalted itself as GOD of this nation through the false religion called science.  Our leaders tell us to "follow the science" no matter how insane that science has become!   This false religion is the religion of the globalist and will be the religion when satan is allowed to take over the world in the last days.  However, those days are NOT NOW or in this GENERATION.  Though it is not far into the future, no man knows the exact day, time or year.  Only the Father knows, but GOD does give us prophets to keep us informed of the seasons we are in on the timeline of earth's events.  There is no time in heaven, but earth's timeline does have a beginning and an end. As believers, we walk and live according to HIS WORD.  Prophetic Word

SEEK FIRST the KINGDOM OF GOD and HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS and then all those things we have need of will be added.  We don't chase the blessings, the blessings chase us down, just as disobedience will cause the curses to chase us down.  In Romans 8, God's Word says that those who are LED BY HIS SPIRIT, THESE ARE THE SONS OF GOD. Galatians 5 tells us that if we walk by HIS SPIRIT, we will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh, and those who walk by HIS SPIRIT have HIS FRUIT OF HIS SPIRIT: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control.  I believe His Word is above all knowledge of the WORLD and I have never been disappointed or felt misled by God's Wisdom found in HIS WORD.   We get the knowledge, but wisdom and understanding comes from Him.  The godless do not seek God's wisdom or His understanding and that is why science apart from Him is foolishness and that is why science cannot, and will not provide man a cure.  Man's science begins with "don't know"  and has a big book of gibberish in the middle and ends with "don't know".  Man apart from God is still trying to find elusive answers.  

The sorcery of pharmaceuticals is not science, the poisons of pharmaceuticals are not medicines, and the doctors trained in pharma sorcery schools are not gods who know when you will die. 

Jesus' death on the cross assures that all men have a RIGHT to be a SON OF GOD and live eternally with God in heaven.  The stripes on Christ Back assures that all men have a right to be healed.  Hosea 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.  We have many promises and benefits in HIM.  To know what Christ did for us you can read Isaiah 53 and 54.  For example, He took our sorrows and our grief.  

It is GOD's Will that we are the healed, just as it is HIS WILL that none be lost.  We are a created son of GOD with a free will to CHOOSE.  God sets before us life and death, and commands us to CHOOSE LIFE (Deut 28-30).  It is not God's way to always  chase healing over and over and over.  We are THE HEALED.  Repent of the idolatries of the world, RECEIVE HIS TRUTH and BELIEVE!    Daily we CHOOSE LIFE OR DEATH!   We have a natural body with a supernatural Father living in us.  We are the TEMPLE OF GOD.   If we die to Him, giving up our rule over this Temple, we will have LIFE!

 I pray and seek knowledge to understand the GOD CONNECTION to receive the promises of God.  I test everything I learn to see if it passes the tests of God's Wisdom in HIS WORD.  His wisdom is from above (James 1).  I share with all freely what I have learned and people choose to do what suits them best in matters of the care of His Temple.    We have to know that God does not bless wrong choices, we receive either life or death based on our choices.  The blessing chase us down!  Though we do not see the consequences of wrong choices immediately, know that the consequences are just as sure as the sun coming up every day.  That is why it is so necessary to submit to GOD, resist the devil and then the devil will flee.  Submitting to GOD is the FIRST and most important step, then reject the temptations, lies and demonic thoughts by taking every though captive to the obedience of HIS WORD! A man is as HE THINKS!  So think on those things from above, not below!


To care for God's Temple, your body, God has given us a variety of foods.  Eating is a pleasure, but pharmaceuticals taking over the Department of Agriculture to poison our foods, and now they are perverting the DNA of our foods, which results in this food becoming a poison to the body.  God's foods and herb s in the FORM God created the foods and herbs are our medicines.  People can choose God's perfect foods using HIS WISDOM to know what is best for their body, and the healing is ALWAYS by the Spirit of God who is the LIGHT that sends and receives messages to every cell in the body. Cellular communication is a new frontier for so called antiChrist science, but because antiCHRIST science rejects God they are CLUELESS!  They can observe the cellular workings, but the UNDERSTANDING is missing.  Godless Man wants to be like GOD and rewrite the God created DNA, which only perverts, destroys and kills.

God's communicates LIFE and healing through your DNA continuously.  IN HIM, you live, move and have your being.  You can do NOTHING apart from HIM.  However, the enemy is deceiving many to believe the lies that no matter what they eat or drink it will make no difference to their health.  God is not mocked and many in the body of CHRIST believe the lies of the voodoo like spells and curses put on them by medical science that they have an incurable disease.  They think God will only heal them through the sorcery/poisons of the earthly, sensual and demonic wisdom of man.  Some cannot believe that God can heal them or they don't believe God is willing to heal them.  Those lies are contrary to the WORD OF GOD that says we are the HEALED.   God sent His Word for our healing.  God's mercies are new every morning and many are healed supernaturally, but then they end up sicker because they lack the wisdom to understand that the sickness is due to the idolatry of an antiChrist medical science and they go back to the practices that bring destruction to the body. 

 We can walk in DIVINE HEALTH using HIS WISDOM!  Obedience is key to all of our blessings!   The Health we seek is from God and God gives life to every cell.  Only by HIS WORD/DNA does life exist and even a single cell dividing is impossible apart from His Spirit.  Since we are a supernatural being in a natural TEMPLE, we have to understand that every every cell needs to be clean and nourished.  The WISDOM OF GOD's WORD resides in YOU, you are the temple of the HOLY SPIRIT.  You can't chase the sorcery of antiChrist pharmaceutical pushers and live in fear of all of these voodoo like curses of diseases, demonic plandemics and death, and expect a positive end.  You can't let Demonic witches brews that are poisons with listed side effects, enter your body and expect health to follow?  

1 Corinthians 6: 19 Or do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? 20 For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are God’s. 

God created everything in heaven and earth.  GOD IS THE MASTER SCIENTIST!  Why and how could a man who is IN HIM imagine that a "science" that rejects God is of benefit to man? 

The Holy Spirit is our TEACHER.  God's Word says that we need no man to teach us, but the Holy Spirit will teach us all things.  The key is to study and we do learn from teachers, but the wisdom and understanding comes from GOD.  The Bible is SPIRIT and LIFE.

We are commanded to test every spirit, to include the spirit behind the antiChrist pharmaceutical medical monopoly that controls this nation's research, education, government agencies and most all elected officials.  The Pharmaceutical Medical science fails all of the tests of the Spirit in God's Word. Science apart from God's wisdom and guidance is foolishness that leads men down a path of destruction.  Now you know why you constantly hear that there are no cures or you are told that you will die and not live.  How did man become like GOD to know when you will live or die?  Don't believe the LIE!  

 The media, the Departments of Health, Education, Agriculture and the agencies of the FDA, CDC, EPA, NIH, DEA, CIA, and more are all monopolized and controlled by the Pharmaceutical Corporations!  Medical Schools are owned by pharmaceuticals who also control the health insurance.  All of the cures that have always been available are suppressed, lied about and many are killed who have tried to fight this antiChrist demonic science that has exalted itself as GOD over this nation.  Laws have been created to keep doctors from practicing the cures, that make the business of health care a murderous monopoly.  Example


The more I learn, the more I know that I know nothing apart from Christ.  I have been in the school of the Holy Spirit my whole life, but I did not start paying attention as a good student until 1990.  I did not choose to BELIEVE GOD because I BELIEVED the lies of the WORLD.    I went to school to get degrees in hopes to know more, but it was not until I acknowledged and surrendered my being to God that I received understanding.  Knowledge apart from Him is foolishness.  Degrees that I received after much study are the following.  Once I started allowing God to lead me, I have made far less mistakes in life and I see the fruit of the blessing I chased after but could never catch in my own works.

BA Mangerial Skills

BA Theoloolgy

Master of Science in Counselling and Psychology (God gave me one word for man's theories:  NONSENSE).

Master of Science of Theology

In 2014 I completed the Natural Doctorate courses through Clayton's College of Natural Healing.  I did not do the practicum because the Lord told me that the natural doctors would begin to be killed.  From 2015 to present over a hundred unexplained deaths of natural doctors.  I decided I would just use what I have learned to educate.  In truth you don't need a doctor, you just need simple truths to keep your cells clean, watered and well fed.  God's Word, your DNA is His Word about YOU!  He is the life and the healing within.

Masters of Science of Scriptural Psychology

Ordained Minister of Healing through school of Healing under the international Ministry of Charles and Francis Hunter

Ordained Minister of Healing through Joan Hunters ministry of Healing, under the International Ministry of Joan Hunter

Faith Based Counseling 

1989, I spent one week in Mexico visiting the Gerson Clinic and the Oasis of Hope Hospital.  I learned a lot talking to doctors and patients.  What I saw and learned changed the course of my life and my health.  Dr. Contreras founder of Oasis of Hope Hospital gave me a personal tour of his beautiful modern and HAPPY Hospital.  I have never seen so many happy people in a hospital.  God is the focus for healing at and they teach how to feed and the body's cells.  I never say foods heal because only GOD's Word was sent for our healing and His Word fills our DNA giving us LIFE.   Your cells cannot divide apart from HIS WORD.  Your cells have no life apart from HIS WORD.  (John 1).

I am a veteran having retired from the US Air Force as a Master Sergeant.  My speciality was Executive Administration and many additional duties to include Chemical Warfare Non Commissioned Officer.  

I served 21 years in the Air Force and I retired in 1990.  I lived 13 of my 21 years overseas to include Naha, Okinawa, Yokota Japan, Udorn Thailand and 10 years in Germany.  I had many Temporary Duty that sent me to many other countries. 

In my journey to find out why we get cancer, and how cancer is cured, I determined I was not going to depend on those who do not have the cures.  I knew I could learn how to cure myself without going to school and I would not ever face cancer in my family again without knowing how to win.  I did not just presume I had to depend  someone was cured I wanted to know why and how.  That has led me to over 30 years of study and investigating.  What I learned I practiced and my health and life were saved from sure destruction.   The common denominator in all healing is ONE...GOD IS THE CURE.  The many factors and variables are in the wisdom to care for God's Temple with Godly wisdom versus earthly, sensual and demonic wisdom.  

 I freely share what I have learned and I have learned about a lot of products that clean and feed the cells of the Temple of God.  My prayer is that you will prosper and be in health as your soul prospers!!!!!!!  Only in GOD is your soul able to prosper.  IN HIM, you live and move and have your being.  Everything in the world is TEMPORARY.  Success is temporary, fame is temporary, money is temporary, LIFE is temporary, but in HIM we have eternal life, joy, peace and all of the blessings of the benefits of BEING IN HIM.