Healthy Immunity from foods

Health is your wealth, and you cannot be healthy without healthy foods. I pray you will prosper and be in health as your soul prospers.  I pray you will get the knowledge, get the wisdom and in your getting get understanding from the Lord.  God said I am the God that heals ALL of your diseases and that He is the healer for He sent HIS WORD (DNA) for your healing.  By His Stripes on His Back you were healed.  I pray you will not lack knowledge because God's people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.  In Jesus Name..  Amen


Deliverance from fear Prayer:   Father God, I admit that I do not know what I do not know, but I do know that you KNOW everything and nothing is hidden from you.  I repent for all idolatry of the things of the world to include medical science.  I know science is not above the knowledge of God and I repent for receiving as truth a science that will NOT acknowledge YOU in all of their ways.  You are the healer, provider and everything we need, and you would not withhold the cures or give a godless science a place in your Kingdom.  I pray that your KINGDOM COME and YOUR WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN, in the realm of health as well.  We have blocked you from the health care of this nation and made science the  god of this nation.  We have allowed science to kill our babies and pervert knowledge that allows insanity from gender confusion to murder to be acceptable.  I repent for this nations Idolatry and ask that you expose the evil and deliver this nation and myself from the strongman of fear that holds the mind captive to lies of pushed by medical consumer fraudsters that serve a demonic pharmaceutical agenda of death and destruction that is robbing this nation and the world blind.  I repent for the drugs I take that BLOCK your communications at the DNA level and ask that you deliver me from these addictive poisons and lead me into knowledge to repair all of my cells with your medicines from laughter, to your word to food.  I repent for believing lies of voodoo spells put on me by pharmaceutical pushing doctors/sorcerers.  I ask for forgiveness for myself and the whole nation so that we may all receive the DIVINE HEALTH that you have promised having received the stripes on your back.   I pray that you Heal this nation Lord and deliver the people from the mind blinding lies and fear pushed by the sorcery of pharmaceutical corporations and remove all of the controls and laws pushed on this nation by this medical monopoly.   In Jesus Name, Amen


On this website are many videos exposing medical consumer fraud and how and why this nation is under siege by medical science that is a fake, a fraud and are murdering millions with demonic traps.   The tests are TRAPS, the CURES are withheld, and the people are controlled by FEAR based on Demonic LIES called "science".   God is the master scientists, God knows it all and all of creation is laid naked before HIS EYES, yet "medical science" rejects GOD and His wisdom.  This is why this nation is under a curse of IDOLATRY of "science" and that includes the body of Christ.   Godly hospitals do exist, but not in America.  People are lied to daily and feared into stupidity, i.e. Corona Virus.   See what real doctors are like at Oasis of Hope.  We do have Godly Doctors in America, but they are persecuted and lied about by the satanic army that protections pharmaceuticals to include DEA.  The drug war is all about protecting pharma business.   Millions are in jail for what doctors prescribe daily to destroy the nation.  The number of drug addicts sitting in pews is greater than the street drug pushers.  It is all about money, not health or protecting people. 


God has not withheld the cures, but the pharmaceutical industry blocks all cures.  I don't agree with some of these cures, but the bottom line is we should have FREEDOM to KNOW the TRUTH that there are cures that we can do at home.  I agree with all cures that use nutrition, oxygen ozone, intravenous Vitamin C and vitamins because these do no harm and they provide the environment for the GOD CURE to manifest health and healing.  God is the CURE.  Just as the little cut on your hand will heal, so will every organ and cell inside the body will heal if cleanliness and nutrition is the foundation for the environment within.  


WHY ARE CHRISTIANS AS SICK AS THE WORLD?  This TRUTH I share is hard because MOST ALL have a very STRONG DEMON called FEAR of Cancer and all of these curable diseases that the DEVIL tells you are not curable!!  How is this so?  The Medical Profession is Controlled by the Satanic Elite through the False, FAKE and murderous lies of pharmaceuticals who call SORCERY "SCIENCE".   Since the AMA MONOPOLIZED health care by destroying all true medicine and began pushing false signs and wonders to sell Petroleum based TOXINS as medicine the people have been put under a demonic SPELL of FEAR.  I asked God how is it these BELIEVERS fall for the LIES of this demonic system of health care?  God said, "THE STRONGMAN OF FEAR".  I asked God why do they believe in SCIENCE as if it is a GOD of all knowledge and even the mature CHRISTIANS will say, "FOLLOW THE SCIENCE".   God said to me, "Because they have been given a DELUSION so that they will believe the LIES".  I asked God, "Why, don't you want them to know the truth?"  He said read the first part of that scripture!"  I read that scripture and it is because they rejected the love the TRUTH OF HIS  WORD".   Psalms 1 clearly commands us to SEEK NOT THE COUNSEL OF THE UNGODLY!  Yet, the majority of the body of CHRIST seek ungodly counsel of a demonic medical science because they have NO OTHER CHOICE when the Satanic Elite have used pharmaceuticals to bribe our legislators and many businesses to include day care centers, education, colleges, and have monopolized "science" to be limited to demonic lies based on EVOLUTION and satanic rituals such as vaccines and poisons for medicines.  The satanic elite have persuaded intelligent men to make laws that limit health care to a monopoly controlled by pharmaceuticals to the level that any doctor who cures cancer and other diseases are persecuted and destroyed with the help of evil lawyers, judges, and government agencies such as the FDA, EPA, DEA, Dept of Health, NIH and even Dept of Agriculture which are all controlled by pharmaceuticals CEOS.  Until we get pharmaceuticals out of our government, the satanic elite will continue to kill, steal and destroy millions of lives each year.  How do we do that? 


First the body of Christ needs to repent of their idolatry and tear down the high place of medical science that has replaced GOD in this nation.  Our leaders do not seek GOD for wisdom, they seek "science" of pharmaceuticals.  Even those against abortion spend all their time trying to convince the devil's doctors that babies in the womb are human beings and deserve protection according to "science" not God's Word.  Science is controlled by the devil, and the devil will twist, lie, deceive and turn all good to evil.   The little good that comes out of medical research is mostly a FACADE that has a destructive end.  The little GOOD should not be used to allow the much evil to prevail.  We should keep the real good, but remove pharmaceuticals control over our government leaders.  God has given us PLANTS and HERBS for foods and medicines.  Pharma poisons have NOTHING to do with health!  We need doctors free to practice in the same way we are free to practice our faith in God.  Health care has become a "religion" of pharmaceuticals and the nations have been deceived by its sorcery (Rev 18:23).  


Pharmaceutical medical consumer fraud  is why we have medical tyranny in this nation.  From Child Protection Agencies to Senior Protection this nation is being terrorized by the medical profession that has total control over the lives of children and seniors, raping, killing and stealing everything families own.  You all need to REPENT for allowing this evil to fill every aspect of the lives of Americans.   Medical Kidnapping is real.   Pharma pushing Doctors are treated like Gods and the judges, lawyers, laws all favor medical lies over parents protecting their kids.  CPS is a trillion dollar thieving business that is part of the sex trafficking scams in this nation.  Child protection should be at the county level, not Federal levels   Not even the State should control this protection other than require country to have the programs to protect children and families.  We have laws for assault and what we have now destroys good families by the thousands in each State.   CPS Fraud is real.  CPS is controlled by medical "science" lies causing parents to be secondary to whatever a doctor says.  I fired all AMA doctors as we all should do to kill the market of the fraud business.  But sadly most people believe the LIES that they will DIE if they don't do what their doctors says.  These voodoo like curses on millions of Americans are how these pharma pushing voodoo doctors control the masses.  Look how effective medical tyranny took over America and the World through this lie called COVID.   We are still wearing masks while the CDC and health officials continue to SPREAD LIES.  People are obeying liars from hell.  


Dr Buttar, a medical whistleblower, shares the facts.  Join his membership to get the full story because pharmaceuticals have made it impossible to speak truth much like that of communist countries.  Medical tyranny is real in the United states.  Your children are not safe with any doctor that pushes pharma and if you disagree with the pharma poisons the doctor want to give your child you risk having your child medically kidnapped.  Wake up people. 


Dr. Rebecca Carley tells the truth about vaccines and exposes medical school lies and murder by medicine.


God has not withheld the cures

There are many more doctors who share the cures, but they have been labeled quacks and you can find food cures on   Just know that if food is the medicine, God will cure whatever is wrong with the body.  Most all defects are from pharma poisons or lack of nutrition.  Wake up people.  We don't have any mystery diseases.  We have people who lack knowledge.

C O R O N A is a dead virus is alive.  Learn what a virus really is about.  Medical Mafia kills millions annually!  Pharmaceuticals have deceived the nations pretending that this bio weapon  virus is alive and can stay alive for days and will attack the human body.  In truth, these pharma pushing crooks are spraying these poisons in the air to include this virus and it may be in the flu shot already.  I would never take any vaccine knowing how crooked pharmaceuticals have been from the beginning.  Doctors are trained and brainwashed by these demonic corporations that sell sorcery as if it is science.  Science apart from God's Wisdom is lies, deceptions and brings destructions.  God will deliver you from all of your own destructions, lies and brainwashing, if, you will repent and seek Him instead of sorcery for your health issues. 

C o r o n a  V i r u s   is a bogus attempt to deceive the nations and bring in the New World Order orchestrated by Satan.  This is not the end and we are to stand up against this demonic attack.  When the end comes, it will be God doing it and there will be no delay and many will choose satan over God because they lack knowledge and are controlled by fear.  But for now, fight back and manifest as a son of God.  Pray and speak God's will for the earth as it is in heaven.  

Listen to prophetic Words about our future.  This is one of the greatest times for the Body of Christ.  








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Do not let these satanists who want a NWO rob us by giving up our rights as Americans and especially our religious freedoms.  

Why the masks are dangerous and can harm your health. 

People are deceived by the antiChrist pharmaceuticals who are responsible for why people are sick.  IT is POISONING, not COVID!  Poisons from flu vaccines. poisons in all vaccines, poisons in our food, air and water, now using masks to keep poisons from escaping and causing disease through low oxygen levels.  POISONS that they spray via chem trails too.  Wake up.  The pharmaceuticals force attention away from the pharma poisons by pitting people against each other.  Anti masks, anti vaccines, anti medical, anti anything to do with medical consumer fraud is diverted to divide people instead of seeing the actual problem.  Health care has become a "religion" with NO CURES...get a clue, you are deceived!  The antiChrist pharma control over through fear based on LIES.  IT is a NWO PLOT!  Wake up!!!







Don't buy into HOPELESSNESS for the "ax in a ted"  God is far bigger than man's fears or "lack of knowledge".  God says if any man lacks wisdom to ask of Him, doubting not (James 1).  All of creation is laid naked before God's eyes.  There are no incurables in the Kingdom of God.

I asked God what exactly is the spike protein that replicates itself, and what is it that can spread to others.  I do not believe the lies that it is supposedly incurable.  God leads us to the answers to our questions in different ways, not even knowing you will be stumbling upon the answer.  I looked up the diseases caused by cannibalism and that led me to learn about "PRIONS" .  If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it is a duck.  The prion and spike both quack the same and look the same.  What is it?  It is a bacteria, but not like other bacteria's the fear mongers say.  They say because this forms from cannibalism the warlocks want you to believe it is another boogeyman that can't be stopped.  It is different they say than bacteria, fungus or parasites, it is deadly and death always follows they say.  That is what they said about leprosy too, but that was not a problem for Jesus was it?  The WORD of God is above EVERY NAME.  God gives us wisdom to walk in divine health so we don't have to chase after sorcerers to fix what sorcery poisons caused!   

 I won't go on and on about the evil in the death care system that pharmaceuticals push down our throats, because I cover that well enough on this web site. 


Bacteria...what kills bacteria? What kills fungus and parasites?  What kills a virus..nothing because a virus is not alive and can infect NOBODY!  You can google for yourself!  The problem we face are lies and being poisoned and an invisible non existent virus is being blamed.   The bacteria source does not matter, it is not a there is no such thing. Learn all you can about these natural resources and do your own plan of action.

First get the virus boogeyman lie out of your mind so you can think and reason without fear.   

1.  Ivermectin   Video 1   Video 2   Video 3   Video 4  Video 5  Stock up before pharma destroys this source

2.  Quinine   Video 1   Website about cinchona tree source of quinine

3.  Oxygen therapies destroy pathogens, parasites, bacteria   Oxygen naturally

3.  Humic/Fulmic Acid  Know the difference   The real story about humic acid   Video 1


  •  In short, humic acid binds to replication enzymes of bad bacteria, prohibiting further growth. It was shown that the phenolic polymers present in the humic acid are inhibitors of HSV-1 replication.  This finding suggests humic acid could be effective against other viruses in the herpes family, like Epstein Barr Virus.

4.   Anti Parasite Herbs, tree barks, black walnut, etc.  Website 1  Website 2   Website 3

5.  How to detox naturally heavy metals  Website 1  Website 2  Website 3  video 1

6.  Borax Mule Team soap Video 1  Video 2  Website 1  Website 2

7.  Use video platforms like to find videos about how people are using these items to benefit their bodies. 

Proof positive you are on the right path is if you find web md and other pharma sites attacking the cures.  Get a clue..these pharma goons have no cures and are experts?  NOT! 


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