Psalms 107:30

He sent HIS WORD and healed them, And delivered them from their destructions



Satan comes but to Kill, Steal and Destroy


If it destroys it is not from God.  Pharmaceuticals destroy and have a long list of side effects.

Pharmaceutical Pesticides and Additives in our foods brings destruction to our bodies.

Herbs are God's foods, the leaves are for our healing, not for our destruction

Foods are our medicines, foods in pure and living form for our living cells


I will share my testimony below, but I first want to share about a product that I take that is the catalyst to my finally overcoming the constant battle for my health.  Though I have suffered many symptoms, I never went to the AMA doctors to be diagnosed because I knew they would curse me with voodoo-like curse names of so-called incurable diseases. 

Military Micronutrient Formula (MMF)

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The product I take ironically was created to recover the health of soldiers who could not perform their duties.  I was in the Air Force for 21 years and I received a lot of vaccines.  I remember during basic training having to stand in line to be shot with vaccine guns.  Imagine standing in line getting 3 and 4 shots in each arm with these air vaccine guns.  We all stood there with our arms uncovered and streams of blood flowing down our arms from these vaccine air guns.  Then we would all get sick, but we were too naive to know why we were all sick.  It is like when the chemtrails come thick and heavy in our skies, and people get sick and many go to the hospital.  But the naive just say there is a virus bug going around.  Common sense has been replaced by pharmaceutical propaganda.   Knowing what I know now I understand why so many soldiers came down with cancers, diseases and had heart attacks and everyone just thought it was like a boogeyman come to town to take the living.  Death and Disease has remained a "mystery" to this medical cartel and people keep thinking that these medical quacks of pharmaceuticals are one day going to find a cure.   While in the military I had friends my age come down with cancers and in 6 months they were dead when they used the cancer medicines.  It terrified me because I had learned that the medicines were the bioweapons of war mustard gas (chemo) and radiation.  That fear probably saved me because I fear the treatment, not the disease.  Every time I got a vaccine I would be sick and each time I would be sicker than the last.  I knew one time that it was the vaccines making me sick.  I remember thinking, this vaccine is trying to KILL me.  I became very suspicious of vaccines.  I read the label of the vaccines when I had my first baby and one of the side effects was death and I balked and said I am not giving that to my baby.  I was medically bullied to the degree I submitted like a whipped animal and just prayed it would not happen to my child.  My child did have vaccine reactions and yet I was in such denial I never thought it was the vaccine, but thank God my babysitter who was German knew a lot about the German medicines that were HERBS and she gave my son a suppository that stopped the insidious screaming in pain he was experiencing.  I will never forget that feeling of hope after feeling so HELPLESS as a Mom to help my child.  I managed to extend my tour in GERMANY for 10 years just so my children could be with this awesome German family when I worked.  My husband even had to go to another tour, but was able to be reassigned back to Germany.  I really believe the German food, NON-GMO wheat and freshly ground and baked breads saved me, along with so much good green salads.  I miss the German foods and culture. Food is our medicine!  I also wondered why didn't the American doctors do all these good herbs like the German doctors did?  

I knew when I retired from the Air Force the doctor wanted to do more testing because my white blood count was high.  I did not want to do testing because if they thought they found cancer or any disease, they would not retire me without FIRST FORCING me to undergo what they call therapy because they have zero cures.  I did not want chemo, radiation or any of their drugs ever.  The doctor insisted on doing just one more blood test before signing my retirement papers, even after I begged her to just sign my retirement papers, and that I was fine and did not want to do testing.  So she did more blood tests and my blood count was still high and I told her I had to retire and to please just let me retire.  She reluctantly and with a suspicious look, she was eyeballing me as she signed my retirement papers.  I will never forget that look and the relief when she signed my retirement papers.   I felt like I escaped death that day.   You see I knew there were cures for all of the so-called incurable diseases.  I had learned that if I was found to have cancer or any disease the doctors would not retire me unless I did the medical treatments, and IF I REFUSED, I would be court-martialed and lose my retirement.  I was smart enough to not discuss that with the doctor and just pushed for her to sign the papers.  She had no evidence I was sick, just a high white blood count which could be a lot of things from infection to leukemia or whatever name they could find to pin it on.  I knew God was my healer and I knew it was very dangerous to be under the power of this pharmaceutically controlled medical system.  

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