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I pray that you will prosper and be in health as you soul prospers.   I pray that you agree that the body of Christ will take responsibility for their health as they listen, watch, learn, apply and then share the knowledge and Godly Wisdom shared by Dr. Joel Wallach.  I pray that the fear that drives so many to their destructions is bound and that they are loosed from the fear of all diseases knowing in TRUTH that God SENT HIS WORD for all of our diseases..He IS the God that heals all of our diseases!! In Jesus Name...


Getting the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals can be a hit and miss experience as we search for the variety of foods to meet all of our mineral needs.  It is not possible to KNOW if we are getting all of our required vitamins and minerals to experience a disease free life style. 


Dr. Wallach has simplified my life by providing me with products that assures me that I have given my body absolutely every mineral and vitamin to maintain and keep my health.  I am free from the constant search for this mineral or that vitamin to eliminate vitamin and mineral deficient symptoms.  The science and the knowledge that I require is easily accessible through Dr. Wallach's many teaching videos.   


I accepted the challenge to begin with the Healthy Start Pack.  I pray you will give your body an opportunity to testify of the benefits of receiving all that God has designed for your every cell.

I pray you will join the army of health warriors in the quest to overcome any health challenge.

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This website lists the symptoms that follow mineral and vitamin  deficiencies..Things we should know and be taught..but are not..

The videos below are for those who want to understand the Youngevity's compensation plan and how anyone can make a business out helping others experience a healthy lifestyle.

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