Healthy Immunity from foods

Health is your wealth, and you cannot be healthy without healthy foods. I pray you will prosper and be in health as your soul prospers.  I pray you will get the knowledge, get the wisdom and in your getting get understanding from the Lord.  God said I am the God that heals ALL of your diseases and that He is the healer for He sent HIS WORD (DNA) for your healing.  By His Stripes on His Back you were healed.  I pray you will not lack knowledge because God's people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.  In Jesus Name..  Amen


Dr Buttar, a medical whistleblower, shares the facts.  Join his membership to get the full story because pharmaceuticals have made it impossible to speak truth much like that of communist countries.  Medical tyranny is real in the United states.  Your children are not safe with any doctor that pushes pharma and if you disagree with the pharma poisons the doctor want to give your child you risk having your child medically kidnapped.  Wake up people. 


Dr. Rebecca Carley tells the truth about vaccines and exposes medical school lies and murder by medicine.


God has not withheld the cures

There are many more doctors who share the cures, but they have been labeled quacks and you can find food cures on   Just know that if food is the medicine, God will cure whatever is wrong with the body.  Most all defects are from pharma poisons or lack of nutrition.  Wake up people.  We don't have any mystery diseases.  We have people who lack knowledge.

C O R O N A is a dead virus is alive.  Learn what a virus really is about.  Medical Mafia kills millions annually!  Pharmaceuticals have deceived the nations pretending that this bio weapon  virus is alive and can stay alive for days and will attack the human body.  In truth, these pharma pushing crooks are spraying these poisons in the air to include this virus and it may be in the flu shot already.  I would never take any vaccine knowing how crooked pharmaceuticals have been from the beginning.  Doctors are trained and brainwashed by these demonic corporations that sell sorcery as if it is science.  Science apart from God's Wisdom is lies, deceptions and brings destructions.  God will deliver you from all of your own destructions, lies and brainwashing, if, you will repent and seek Him instead of sorcery for your health issues. 

C o r o n a  V i r u s   is a bogus attempt to deceive the nations and bring in the New World Order orchestrated by Satan.  This is not the end and we are to stand up against this demonic attack.  When the end comes, it will be God doing it and there will be no delay and many will choose satan over God because they lack knowledge and are controlled by fear.  But for now, fight back and manifest as a son of God.  Pray and speak God's will for the earth as it is in heaven.  

Listen to prophetic Words about our future.  This is one of the greatest times for the Body of Christ.  

Sid Roth has two powerful prophets sharing what God is saying about now!  


Kat Kerr speaking about Trump and future for America in May 2016 

Kat Kerr Word in 2017 

Kat Kerr on Elijah List 


Unknown Prophet.  If you find out who he is let me know. 


Do not let these satanists who want a NWO rob us by giving up our rights as Americans and especially our religious freedoms.  

Why the masks are dangerous and can harm your health. 


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